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How to Draw Hands and Hand Poses for Beginners

How to Draw Hands and Hand Poses for Beginners

This video is a tutorial video for people who want to improve how to draw hands.

If you look at this video, you will be able to grasp the tips.

Here is a brief summary of the content and illustrations explained in the YouTube video.

If you want to check the contents of this article on YouTube,

please watch this video.

How to draw basic hand poses

How to draw basic hand poses

It will be easier to draw if you consider the hands and fingers as blocks.

However, if you think of it as a real block as in the example of the mistake, it will be like a robot's hand.

So, like the example of the correct answer, let's make the joints of the fingers and the wrists bumpy.

Do the same for the other hand poses.

I drew this illustration digitally so it can be easily erased, reduced, or moved.

Even in the punch pose, the hand is uneven.

Deformed characters tend to draw hands like bad examples, but the actual punching hands pose like correct answers.

Before you get used to drawing hands, it might be a good idea to color the blocks of hands and draw.

For example, you can easily find out whether the blocks on the fingertips deviate.

If you draw while keeping in mind where the colored blocks go, you will naturally become better at drawing.

Man and woman hands

How to draw man and woman hands

The shape of the hand differs between women and men.

A famous manga artist draws different hand shapes among the characters!


That's amazing...!

Female hands are basically rounded.

Not only the shape of the hand, but also the fingertips are rounded, so if you want femininity in hands, please draw thin round hands.

On the other hand, the shapes of male hands are all angular.

If you draw masculine hands, please draw big, rugged, angular hands.

The tips of the fingers are also thick and angular, so please be careful when you draw them.

Level 1: How to draw hand poses

Level 1: How to draw hand poses

The illustrations above are basically the poses of the hands you often see.

The poses of the hands drawn below are versions of the above illustrations from different angles.

In particular, the first illustration with a different angle may be difficult for beginners.


So, I drew a confused emoji next to it to express the difficulty.

It is easy to draw illustrations such as peace signs where there is space between fingertips by drawing a thin curve between them to adjust the balance.


I practiced the reverse version of the peace sign too.

It is easier to draw a fist with a block, as I did with the basic hand drawing method.

At that time, the fingers become uneven and uneven.

This kind of pose may be easier to draw while looking at the materials.

Finally, please be careful of the bending position of the hand in the illustration.

When you bend your hand a little, you don't bend it directly from your fingertips, but from the plump part under your fingertips.

I also draw a bad example, so please try comparing it with the good ones.

Level 2: How to draw hand poses

Level 2: How to draw hand poses

From here, I drew various hand poses.

When you practice how to draw hands, please prepare pictures of your own hands or reference materials to draw.


This time, I drew concerning the pose of the hands that were on Pinterest.

Some people try to draw without looking at anything, not just the hands, but that is wrong.

Even professional illustrators refer to materials when they draw illustrations.

Even they do it, so beginners can't draw good illustrations without looking at anything.

If you want to improve your illustrations, please prepare materials for your illustrations.

How to draw complicating hand poses

How to draw complicating hand poses

Next, I drew complicated hand movements.

If the hands are more complex, it will be better to draw the shape structurally.

For example, you can draw a beautiful hand pose by first thinking about the length of the fingertip with a line, or thinking about the outline of the hand with a triangle.

When you consider the pose of the hand structurally, you need to be aware of the curved and rounded shapes.

When I draw both hands, I get out of balance with one hand several times and correct the size.

This is a good point about digital art!

If you are new to digital tools, you may find it difficult to use, but once you get used to it, there are many useful features.

If you are thinking about drawing digital or analog illustrations, I highly recommend digital tools.

How to draw hands together

How to draw hands together

You may find it difficult to draw illustrations with hands together.

However, it will be easier to draw if you draw semi-circles first.

When I drew these illustrations, I used Pinterest's illustrations as references, but it may look better while looking at realistic pictures.

However, if you practice by looking at the existing illustrations, you can also practice drawing clear hands without shadows, so if you are a beginner at illustrations, it is recommended to imitate by referring to the illustrations found from Pinterest.


It was difficult for me to draw these hand poses, so I am redrawing some poses.

You can imagine what kind of character they are by just looking at these hand poses.

In this way, you can express the characters with just hands, so it is very important to practice drawing hands.

How to draw cool hand poses

How to draw cool hand poses

Finally, advanced hand poses.

It's a way of drawing an illustration that emphasizes the hands rather than the person.

First of all, it is better to draw the hand first than the person.

As with any illustration, it's easier to draw the illustration you want to stand out first, and then add the surroundings.

In this illustration, the hand is drawn larger than the person, giving a sense of perspective between the person and the hand.

I won't explain in detail how to draw a person this time, but I'm thinking of making explanation videos about other body parts someday.

If you have questions about body parts you want to know, please let me know in the comments section.

I think it's easy to get an image of the arm if you think about it block by block.

Arms closer to the hand are longer, and arms closer to the person are shorter.


I have divided the arm blocks by color, so please refer to them.

For those who want to learn more about moving poses like Japanese anime,

Please refer to this book!


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