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LiSA - 紅蓮華 (Gurenge) Lyrics English Meaning

LiSA - 紅蓮華 (Gurenge) Lyrics English Meaning

LiSA's "Gurenge" is the song used as the opening song for the popular anime "Demon Slayer".

I think many anime otakus want to know in detail what this song has meaning.

What was the meaning of the lyrics?

* This interpretation is unique and not officially announced, so please use this interpretation as a reference.

What is "Demon Slayer"?

Taisho era in Japan by Demon Slayer

It is set in Japan during the Taisho era.

At that time, the family of a charcoal-selling boy, Tanjiro Kamado, was killed by an “Oni” which means Japanese demon.

Then, to return his younger sister, Nezuko, who has been turned into an oni, to humans, he goes into a tough battle.

This is a very popular manga serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump" from 2016 to 2020.

The Taisho era was a time when Westernization was progressing in Japanese history.


The city inside Demon Slayer was also quite westernized, wasn't it?

Muzan Kibutsuji's outfit was Western clothing, and I think he was drawn like a successful example of a Japanese familiar with the West.

On the other hand, Tanjiro lived in the countryside, so in the story, he is surprised at the gorgeousness of the city.

Also, Inosuke, who lived in the mountains, saw the train and was trying to cut it with a sword.

Japan has rapidly advanced the path to westernization since the days of the Samurai who had swords.

Behind this was the purpose of preventing the colonial rule from the Western powers and making Japan a powerful country.

However, the rapid change to westernization also created a large disparity between urban and rural areas.


I think that Demon Slayer well portrayed the big difference between Japanese cities and rural areas at the time in the story.

Now, from here, I will explain the meaning of the lyrics!

I’ve found a reason to become strong

LiSA said in an interview about the lyrics of Gurenge.


It expresses the joy and pain of having created something that you want to protect.

This is just the "reason to become strong", which is the lyrics of the song.

The boss of Oni, Muzan Kibutsuji, reigns as the original species of the demon that eats people, and Tanjiro decides to fight for defeating him from the beginning of the story.

"I’ve found a reason to become strong" in "Gurenge" hides his determination not to repeat the sadness of being unreasonably robbed of his precious existence.

Who is "I"?

Take me with you, and let’s march forward!

It makes me feel even more powerful from the latter half of "Take me ...", and it seems that the peaceful daily life that has been there until now is turning around and getting involved in the battle.


Who is the "me" who appears here?

If you read this "Demon Slayer" from the perspective of the battle between those who connect feelings and those who deny them, you can see their true identity.

Perhaps "me" will be Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Nezuko, a person who still fights for feelings and someone who died in the battle.

"Boku" in Japanese is a kind of pronoun for men to refer to themselves, but recently women also call themselves "Boku".

"I" in Japanese list

The meaning of the "lotus" flower

I chase a muddy lantern

A stiffened heart,

My shivering hands have something they want to grab,

That’s all.

In the scent of night,

Even if I stare at the sky,

The only thing that can change is myself

That’s all.

The flower of the title of this song "Gurenge" is a lotus.

This flower grows on a pond or lake, and contrary to its graceful and pretty appearance, it is said in Buddhism that it will not produce large flowers if the water is clean.

In other words, the lotus produces large and splendid flowers when it grows up by sucking muddy water.

Also, if you translate "I chase a lantern" literally in English, you may not understand what it means.

"I chase a lantern" is a word that means "lighting equipment that uses shadows" and refers to the light used in shadow play.

The meaning changes and it means it below.

a state-run through the memory which means flashback

So, these lyrics mean "muddy memory", and this dirty memory can be interpreted as one of the elements to make the bright red lotus bloom.

While feeling tremblingly scared by the muddy memory, "I" fight to grab what lies ahead.

From these phrases, we can see the feeling of self-discipline for the families who could not be protected and the enemies who were killed.

Even so, the positive feelings of continuing to fight will grow greatly because of the muddy water.

"The only thing that can change is myself" reminds me of this phrase that Giyu Tomioka said in the first episode of the anime.

Giyu Tomioka

Never leave yourself so defenseless in front of an enemy!

In Japanese, it says, "生殺与奪の権を他人に握らせるな!"

This means, "Don't let others have the choice to live or kill."


To be honest, even modern Japanese people rarely say so.

It's a difficult word, but it's a very impressive word, and it's also the word that changed the way of thinking of Tanjiro.

The meaning of the chorus of the song

I’ve found a reason to become strong

Take me with you, and let’s march forward!

Unforsaken dreams and an unstoppable present

If I can become stronger for someone

I’ll be thankful, to carry all the sadness!

I think that a dream that cannot be erased refers to a sad past in which an important being was unreasonably robbed.

And the reality that can't wait for you even in such a situation.

But even in such a harsh reality, there is a reason to be stronger for someone who has been robbed.

Even for such a sad reason, I think that Tanjiro appreciates moving forward.

I grasped what it meant to protect while being beaten up by the world

Oh crimson flower, bloom proudly and illuminate my fate.

If you know the interpretation that "the lotus grown in muddy water gives big and splendid flowers", wouldn't it change the way you receive the song "Gurenge"?

A song for Zenitsu Agatsuma?

The sound of lightning rings in my ears

A bewildered heart

With kindness alone, there will be things I cannot protect.

I know that but...

Good and evil entwined under the surface

I will cast divine punishment on hypocrisy

(Tell me why, tell me why, tell me why, tell me why

I don’t need you!)

Rather than a brilliant flower, alone enduring one is beautiful.

I think No. 2 lyrics are for Zenitsu Agatsuma who is a friend of Tanjiro.

  1. The sound of lightning is Thunder Breathing
  2. Rings in my ears is Excellent hearing
  3. A bewildered heart is Scared and pathetic
  4. With kindness alone, there will be things I cannot protect is Kind
  5. A brilliant flower is Actually a genius
  6. Alone enduring one is beautiful is Mastered First Form: Thunderclap and Flash

In particular, I think that "Rather than a brilliant flower, alone enduring one is beautiful" looks like Zenitsu.

While fighting the spider guy, he awakened and became stronger, but the viewer noticed that he could only use one type of technique.

And the word "Don't give up" of Grandpa that appears in his memory.

Many times, Zenitsu tried to escape from his training, but he couldn't get out of his grandpa who took care of him patiently.

After that, he continued to challenge himself.

And the moon reflected behind Zenitsu after defeating the spider demon at the end.


I think it was a scene where the phrase "Rather than a brilliant flower, alone enduring one is beautiful" really applies.

In particular, I think that "Rather than a brilliant flower, alone enduring one is beautiful" looks like Zenitsu.

According to the official blog, "Good and evil entwined under the surface, I will cast divine punishment on hypocrisy" are LiSA's favorite lyrics and tunes.

At a rap-like tempo, she sings the complexity of good and evil with wordplay.

From these lyrics, you can see that good and evil seem to be completely different, but in fact, they are mixed and become hypocrisy too.

The sad part of "Gurenge"

Overwhelmed by violence,

A thorny path

It only appears when I’m serious

I’ll prove that I can overcome it

The dream that I couldn’t protect, was easily cast aside.

Grow your roots in my crimson heart, and possess this land.

The main character, Tanjiro, will join the "Kisatsutai" which is the Demon Slayer Corps that has the power to fight "demons" and will subdue them.

He becomes stronger with the lives of his friends who belonged to the same Demon Slayer Corps and the wishes that were not fulfilled.

Empty secrets, a crumbling conclusion

Cruelly torn apart,

The breath of a scream

Someone’s laughing shadow,

Someone’s sobbing,

Everybody desires happiness

These lyrics are sad, aren't they?

LiSA, who was singing cheerfully, suddenly sings with a sad voice.


I think that gap is another good part.

Lyrics different from the anime version

Unforsaken dreams and an unstoppable present

I can become stronger for someone

I’ll be thankful, to carry all the sadness!

I grasped what it meant to protect, while being beaten up by the world

Oh crimson flower, bloom proudly and illuminate my fate.

Illuminate my fate.

"Gurenge" has only one sentence different from the anime version and the full-size lyrics.


Do you know what's different?

The correct answer is that "I’ll be thankful, to carry all the sadness" becomes "Stand up again and again".

LiSA explains:


As I read through the work, the words "I’ll be thankful, to carry all the sadness" fit very well, but I thought it was too early for the atmosphere at the beginning of the story. So, I have changed the lyrics so that everyone who knows the work from the animation can enjoy it.

At the beginning of the story, Tanjiro is in a situation where his family is murdered and his surviving sister, Nezuko, is also turned into a demon.

He can't thank his sadness in such a situation.

With that in mind, LiSA has changed the lyrics.

You can see her detailed consideration.

LiSA's overlapping feelings

Music Concert Live

In addition to the story of Tanjiro, LiSA's thoughts are also superimposed on "Gurenge".

"Gurenge" is a song made in the 9th year when she was active as a singer.

It wasn't until this year that she was able to thank herself for the sadness and pain she had had.

Musical activities continued even after being opposed by her parents.

In the early days when she was not well known, she lived in poverty in an unfurnished apartment in Tokyo.

Like Tanjiro, there must have been something that she wanted to fulfill and protect even if it was full of scratches.

What is "Guren Hell"?

Gurenge Hell in Demon Slayer

"Gurenge" has another theme.

It is "Guren Hell".

Guren Hell is a Buddhist term that is a product of the two "Guren" of lotus flowers and hell.

Those who fall into the Guren Hell are said to have their skin torn and blood bleeding due to the cold, becoming like a crimson lotus flower.

The lyrics that continue to fight even in such hell are "Gurenge".

The battle of the Demon Slayer is also fierce.

The never-ending battle between demons and humans.

A blood-washing war has been going on for a long time, and the battlefield is like Guren Hell.

Tanjiro continues to stand dignified even if he is hurt.

The impression is that it is a flower that blooms in the whirlpool of Guren Hell.

For those who want to read "Demon Slayer(Kimetsu no Yaiba)", the theme song of LiSA, in manga

Please check this out!

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