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How to Draw Couples Holding Hands

How to Draw Couples Holding Hands

Hi everyone!


I want to draw a couple holding hands well, but I just can't draw it well!

I think many people are worried about it.

Before drawing a couple's hands, if you want to know how to draw hands, there is an article explaining how to draw basic hands, so please check that first.

In this article, I will explain how to draw the hands of various couples.

First of all, please look at the illustrations of the hands divided into pink and light blue.

How to draw couple holding hands
How to draw couple holding hands
How to draw couple holding hands
How to draw couple holding hands

The gripping hands are light blue, on the other hand, the gripped hands are pink.

Many men hold hands, so you can think of light blue as men's hands.

Also, the pink hands being held are women.

The light blue hands are larger, streaky, and rugged.

From here, I will explain in order how to draw these color-coded hand illustrations.

If you want to check the contents of this article on YouTube,

please watch this video.

How to draw pure couples' hands

How to draw pure couples' hands

Couples at this stage are still ashamed, so holding hands is weaker than passionate couples.

Couples at this stage are the most popular and exciting in girls' manga.

The tip for drawing these hands is to decide on the main hands.

Since there is little entanglement of fingers, you can draw well by first deciding the main hand and then drawing the next hand so that the first hand is entwined with the second one.

Also, draw the male hand large and the female hand small so that you can distinguish between the male and female hands.

You can draw more three-dimensional hands by adding shadows to the hands using the tones that are often used in manga.

How to draw romantic couples' hands

How to draw romantic couples' hands

The way couples hold hands at this stage can be quite passionate.

The fingers are more entwined and the hands are closer together.


So it's more difficult to draw than the couple's hand I introduced earlier.

At this time as well, decide on the main hand as before, and draw that hand first.

Also, carefully draw the tight finger entanglements.

For a simple illustration, I draw a rough draft, but when I draw the couples' hands, I draw them quite finely even at the draft stage.

If you can't draw hands realistically, please refer to the photos and images of real ones.

For example, you can take pictures of your hands or search for images of the hands-on Google or Pinterest.

How to draw hands to be taken

How to draw hands to be taken

From here, I will introduce not how to draw couples holding hands, but how to draw hands that are similar to them.


In this illustration, the hands to take and the hands to be taken are drawn.

At first glance, it may seem easy to draw, but the balance between these two hands is surprisingly difficult.

Also, for the rounded hands, you must draw until the inside.

It's also quite difficult to think about the balance.

If you want to practice drawing more various hands, please try it!

How to draw hands like princesses

How to draw hands like princesses

It is also difficult to draw this kind of hand.

Of all the illustrations I have introduced so far, I think the number of fingers drawn is the largest.

Since these hands are originally romantic, it is one of the points to draw the hands and fingers smoothly.

If you find it difficult to draw these illustrations, there is another article that explains how to draw holding hands that are a little easier.

If you like, please check it!

For those who want to learn more about moving poses like Japanese anime,

Please refer to this book!


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