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6 Best Brushes for Lineart in ibisPaint X

6 Best Brushes for Lineart in ibisPaint X

This article mainly summarizes the best brushes in ibisPaint X.

You can watch the tutorial video, or you can easily learn about them in this article.


There are so many types of ibisPaint X pens that I don't know which one to use!

I think many people think so.

When I first used ibisPaint X, I didn't know which pen was the easiest to use.

However, after using this digital tool for over a year, I've come to understand to some extent which pen is the best.

In this article, I'll explain to you six of the best pens you can use for draft and line art!

If you want to check the contents of this article on YouTube,

please watch this video.

Best Brushes for Drafts

Best Brushes for Drafts

First of all, I will introduce three pens recommended for drafts.

  1. Texture pen
  2. Pencil (Graphite)
  3. Pencil (#1)

Texture pen

The Texture pen was also introduced as a recommended brush on the official YouTube of ibisPaint X.

I was influenced by the recommendation and tried using it, but I felt that it was a very easy-to-use pen as the official says.

I think the characteristic of the Texture pen is the softness.

It's as if I'm reproducing the softness of a pencil.

I drew the thickness of the pen with 20px, 10px, and 10px with Force Fade turned on.

For more information on Stabilizer and Force Fade, I have made the article before, so if you are interested, please check it.

Pencil (Graphite)

Next is the introduction of the Pencil (Graphite).

As it is called a pencil, this pen has a softness like a pencil.

However, it gives a sharper impression than the Texture pen.


I want to use a pencil that has a sharpness like a pen!

It is a recommended pen for those who say.

Pencil (#1)

Finally, I would like to introduce the Pencil (#1).

This pen is a bit like the Texture pen.

However, the Pencil (#1) is clearer.


The Texture pen looks too soft and blurry, so I want to use a pen that is a little clearer.

It is a recommended pen for those who think.

If you turn on Force Fade, it seems that there is not much difference between the three pens.

However, the difference is obvious with pens without Force Fade.

Saving these pens in "Custom" will help you use them later.

So, tap the plus button on the left side of the brush to save it as "Custom".

Best Brushes for Line Art

Best Brushes for Line Art

Now, from here, I will introduce three pens recommended for line art.

  1. Dip Pen (Hard)
  2. Dip Pen (Soft)
  3. Genius Pen

First, the Dip Pen is the pen that appears at the beginning when you tap the brush screen.

Since it appears at the beginning, you can save the time of searching and it is also excellent as a pen.

Dip Pen (Hard)

The Dip Pen (Hard) is a convenient pen when you want to draw a clear line.

Also, if you turn on Force Fade, you can draw a line as if it were used by a professional manga artist.

Dip Pen (Soft)

On the other hand, the line of the Dip Pen (Soft) is softer than that of the hard pen.

I use this pen to draw fine lines such as hair and wrinkles on clothes.

It is good to draw with the same pen, but if you draw the mainline and the fine line separately, the line art will look beautiful.

Genius Pen

Finally, the Genius Pen has been featured on ibisPaint X's official YouTube as well as the Texture pen.

And it's an easy-to-use pen.

You can draw a slightly broken line like a pencil.

You can express softness differently from Dip Pen (Soft).

Dip Pen (Hard) and Genius Pen depend on your preference.

Also, I think that the pen used will differ depending on the type of illustration you draw.

I tried all the pens in ibisPaint X, but there wasn't much difference in the pens that used both drafts and line art.


I think the characteristic pen is about Genius Pen.

There are other types of Dip Pen, and all pens are similar, so it doesn't matter which pen you use.

However, the Dip Pen introduced this time was considered of ease of drawing and finding.

So, if you have trouble finding a pen that suits you, please use the Dip Pen (Hard) and (Soft), or the Genius Pen.

If you would like to know other basic usages of ibisPaint X,

please read this article.

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