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How to Put Layers in Folders in ibisPaint X

How to Put Layers in Folders in ibisPaint X

Hi everyone!


How's it going?


It's messy and hard to understand because I made too many layers!

I think many people say that.

If you organize the layers in advance, you can quickly find the layer you want to use, which will improve your work efficiency.

In this article, I'll show you how to organize using layers and folders!

If you want to check the contents of this article on YouTube,

please watch this video.

Change layer name

First, give your layers a name to help you identify them.

Open the layer window and select the layer you want to name.

How to select "Rename Layer"

Select "Rename Layer" from the button shown in this image.

Then, the screen for changing the layer name is displayed.

When you're done, press OK to complete the change.

Even in line art, it is convenient to separate each part such as the face, hair, clothes, wrinkles, etc. when something happens.

For example, if the hair is in the eyes, lowering the opacity of the hair and making the line art lighter will give a natural finish.

Clipping and Alpha Lock are very useful when you change the color of line art.

If you want to know more about how to use clipping and alpha lock, please check the article below.

How to use folders

When you draw an illustration, please separate layers for each part.


Especially in painting colors.

Separating layers makes it easier to make adjustments and corrections and improves work efficiency.

On the other hand, as the number of layers increases, it becomes difficult to understand what is drawn on which layer.


Therefore, work efficiency may deteriorate.

As the number of layers grows and becomes more complex, organize the layers into folders by part.

For example, if you divide the character's hair, face, body, background, etc. into folders for each part, it will be easier to manage layers and work efficiency will increase.

In my case, the folders are divided into the categories of the draft, line art, and color.

How to insert layers

First, open the layer window.

"Add Folder" from Add Special Layer

Select "Add Folder" from Add Special Layer.

Then the folder will be added.

How to insert layers into a folder

When you swipe the layer’s Reorder handle to the right, you can put the layer in a folder. 

To take out a layer from the folder, swipe the Reorder Handle to the left.

How to close folders

How to close and open folders

To close an open folder, tap the folder’s thumbnail. You can open the folder by tapping the thumbnail again.

To change the folder name, select Rename Folder from the menu. After entering the name, tap OK.


The procedure for renaming a folder is the same as for layers!

If you also give the folder a name, it will be easier to understand when you look back at it later.

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