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Historical Images for Free Download

Couple in old clothes (free anime images)

The illustration illustrations created by Animenbo is free for anyone and can be used freely without credit notation or permission.

Both personal and commercial are available.

You can use it for anything such as icons such as Twitter and WhatsApp, smartphone wallpapers, accents for blogs and homepages, children's drawing play, commercial use.

However, please refrain from claiming the copyright or reselling unprocessed (or almost untouched) illustrations.

If you want to download the image, right-click and save it.

Famous Historical People

Here, there are Illustrations of famous historical people.

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great (free anime images)


Cleopatra (free anime images)


Nebuchadnezzar (free anime images)

Babylonian King

Babylonian King (free anime images)

Traditional Costumes

Here, there are Illustrations of traditional costumes.


Pharaoh (free anime images)

Man in old clothes

Man in old clothes (free anime images)

Woman in old clothes

Woman in old clothes (free anime images)

Japanese Kimono

Japanese Kimono (free anime images)

Japanese Kimono (free anime images)

Chinese dress

Chinese dress (free anime images)

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