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How to Use Stabilizer & Drawing Tool in ibisPaint X

How to Use Stabilizer & Drawing Tool in ibisPaint X

This article mainly summarizes how to use Stabilizer and Drawing Tool ibisPaint X.

You can watch the tutorial videos, or you can easily learn about them in this article.

How to Use Stabilizer in ibisPaint X


I want to be able to draw the lines of the illustration well!

Isn't there a lot of people like that?

Of course, practice is important, but there are other ways to draw lines neatly.

That is the "Stabilizer" of ibisPaint X.

In this video, I explain in detail how to draw smooth lines.

How to Use Stabilizer in ibisPaint X

The Stabilizer function automatically corrects free-handed lines into neat lines.

Select the Stabilizer tool, choose the degree of correction by dragging the Stabilizer slider left and right.

How to Use Force Fade in ibisPaint X

By turning on the "Force Fade", the Length of Start and the Length of End strokes can be precisely set.

With this function, you can draw more natural lines like those drawn by illustrators and manga artists.

I tried drawing with a thick pen, but this function looks more natural when used with thin lines.

I also tried using two types of the Shape of Fade, but I didn't feel much difference.

How to Use Method in ibisPaint X

It is possible to set to "Real Time" or After in "Method".

"Real Time" correction setting neatly applies corrections when pictures are drawn hastily. 

In most cases, it is better to use "Real Time" corrections.

When drawing lines slowly, like tracing, "Real Time" doesn't work. Therefore, using the After correction produces nicer lines.


As for the impression of using both, I didn't feel a big difference.

If you are using one and find it difficult to use, it may be better to use the other.

For beginners in illustration?

Unless you are accustomed to using these functions, don’t turn on the Force Fade, but only use the Stabilizer for the time being.

You can draw beautiful lines just by turning this on and setting the maximum value to 10.


Since I knew and used these features, I clearly reduced the number of times I erased the lines and shortened the illustration production time.

If you are worried that you cannot draw a line neatly, please give it a try!

How to Use Drawing Tool in ibisPaint X

Did you know that drawing tools have many useful features?

In this video, I introduce useful functions other than Stabilizer.

Drawing Tool: Straight Line

Drawing Tool: Straight Line in ibisPaint X

The straight line drawn using the Drawing tool lets the user draw straight lines without using a ruler.

However, I recommend using a Straight Ruler to draw precise straight lines and parallel lines.

On the other hand, using the drawing tool is useful to draw simple straight lines.

Open the Stabilizer tool, and select the Straight Line to draw straight lines easily.

If you would like to go back to drawing freehand lines, open the Stabilizer tool, and turn off Straight Line.

How to Turn Off Drawing Tool in ibisPaint X

Drawing Tool: Rectangle

Drawing Tool: Rectangle in ibisPaint X

Rectangle drawing tools are a simple rectangular feature.

It is convenient to make the square selection range and the frame and so on.

Open the Stabilizer window, and tap Rectangle in the Drawing Tool.

Open the Brush Settings button and select the type of Pen, and adjust the Brush Thickness.

A rectangle can be easily made by dragging and separating the Finger or Pen on the canvas.

Drawing Tool:Fill

Drawing Tool:Fill in ibisPaint X

If you turn on "Fill" in the Drawing Tool, you can fill the inside of the line when drawing a Rectangle, Circle, Ellipse, Regular Polygon, Bezier Curve, and Polyline.

Tap Color Picker of “Fill Color” to set the color.

You can draw those figures with the inside of the line filled.

Drawing Tool:Regular Polygon

Drawing Tool:Regular Polygon in ibisPaint X

The "Regular Polygon" drawing tool allows you to easily draw beautiful triangles, pentagons, hexagons, etc.

The number of corners can be increased up to a maximum of 16.

I tried to make the largest hexadecagon, but it looked like just a circle.

Even a decagon looks like a slightly angular circle.

Personally, I think that from triangle to hexagons have a beautiful regular polygon shape.

Drawing Tool:Bezier Curve

Drawing Tool:Bezier Curve in ibisPaint X

The "Bézier Curve" drawing tool allows you to easily draw a beautiful curve by manipulating the passing points of the line.

Tap Stabilizer and tap Bézier Curve in the “Drawing Tool”.

Tap the canvas to place a passing point that becomes the Start point. 

After that, tap continuously to place multiple passing points.

Drag the Line to move the whole image.

Drag the Line with two fingers to zoom or rotate.

After dragging the Passing point to adjust the shape, tap the check button.

Drawing Tool:Polyline

Drawing Tool:Polyline in ibisPaint X

The "Polyline" drawing tool allows you to easily draw clean polylines by letting you manipulate the passing points of a line.

Tap Stabilizer and tap Polyline in the “Drawing tool”.

You can use the "Polyline" by performing the same operation as the "Bézier Curve".

At first, I had a hard time not knowing how to operate these two, but I could do it by referring to the official blog of ibisPaint X.

If you use any drawing tools as an accent for the background or illustration, it will look good.

If you would like to know other basic usages of ibisPaint X,

please read this article.

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If you are worried about hand pain, please use it!


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