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6 Tips of How to Add Color in ibisPaint X

How to Add Color in ibisPaint X

This video is a tutorial video for people who want to know how to add color in ibisPaint X.

If you look at this video, you will be able to grasp the tips on how to add color in ibisPaint X.

Here is a brief summary of the content and illustrations explained in the YouTube video.

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please watch this video.

With ibisPaint X, there are various ways to paint.

In this article, I'd like to give you some tips on how to paint as many colors as I can think of.

The method is to paint the color painted in the bucket in detail, but in this case, create a new layer on the color painted in the bucket and clip it.

If you create a clipping layer, the color range of the clipped layer will not be exceeded.

If you want to know more about clipping layers, please check this article below.

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How to Add Hair Color

In recent illustrations, it's popular to make some colorful hair.

I think that a typical anime with many characters with unique hair colors is a Demon Slayer.

When applying the color of the hair, you can apply it in a single color, but the closer the hair is to the face, the more natural it will look if you add a color closer to the skin color.

How to Add  Skin Color

As a device when applying skin color, I try to apply two shadows instead of just one.

The illustration looks three-dimensional just by adding one shadow, but it looks more three-dimensional by adding two shadows.

If you are a super beginner in illustrations, it's okay you only need one shadow.

It takes time to cast two or more shadows, and it is difficult to think about where to cast the shadows.

However, if you are accustomed to coloring shadows more and more, try painting two shadows!

How to Add Shadow of Teeth


Do I have to even draw the shadow of teeth?

I think some of you may have thought.

By adding the shadow of the teeth, you can draw more realistic teeth.

Even without that shadow, you can make a manga or anime-like illustration, but with this little effort, your illustration may look professional.

How to Add Eye Highlights

It's a good idea to create a new layer on top of the color or line art layer and paint that layer with eye highlights.

Especially, it looks more natural to paint on line art.

It looks unnatural if there are lines in the highlights or if they fit in the eyes.

If you draw a clear line on the highlight and then apply it with a slightly blurred pen, you can get a more realistic highlight.

How to Use Pattern Material

If you find the shades of clothes simple, try using the materials found in ibisPaint X.

Enclose the area you want to use the material with the lasso tool and paste the selected material.

At this time, if you just paste the material, it will be unnatural clothes, so use the Mesh Form from the "Transform" tool.

You can select the number of vertical and horizontal divisions from the Mesh Form settings.

The larger the number of divisions, the finer the material can be transformed.

How to Master the Blend Mode

Drawing a boy's illustration by ibisPaint X

Finally, I would like to introduce the blend mode.

In this illustration, I dared to make the reflected light a colorful color.


Doesn't this illustration look gorgeous just by adding a flashy color such as red?

Then, I tried to reflect the "Add" of the blend mode in the colorful reflected light.


Isn't it a more reflected light-like color than when it is a normal layer?

In this way, if you master the blend mode, you can play with colors, so try various blend mode functions when coloring the illustration and find the color that suits your illustration!

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