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How to Use the Bucket Tool in ibisPaint X

How to Use the Bucket Tool in ibisPaint X

This article mainly summarizes the bucket tool on ibisPaint X.

You can watch the tutorial videos, or you can easily learn about it and related usage in this article.

How to Use Bucket in ibisPaint X

The Bucket tool can usually add color instantly.

Using it makes the color really easy.

How to Colour Using Bucket in ibisPaint

Before painting with a bucket tool, please make some new layers.

This is because coloring is not done in one layer, but some parts are divided into multiple layers.


What are the layers?

If you think so, please read this article in advance.

How to Separate Layers for Coloring

By coloring in several layers, it becomes very easy to paint detailed coloring after that.

It is also recommended to draw fine hairlines and wrinkles on separate layers.

How to Save the Time of Coloring in ibisPaint X

For example, in this illustration, fine lines are drawn on the layer written as 11.

How to Save the Time of Coloring in ibisPaint X

Then that layer is hidden and the fine lines disappear.

If there are many lines when you paint with the bucket tool, those line drawings will not be properly painted.

Therefore, it takes time and effort to repaint unpainted lines.

In order not to take such time, you had better reduce fine lines as much as possible.

For that reason, hide a layer and then show it later because it is very easy and can save time.

I said that I will separate layers by color, but I don't want to separate all of them because of bothering.

So, I often put together layers that are not near colored.

If you overpaint with the bucket tool

I will warn one thing here.

If the lines are not connected properly, other parts will also be painted.

If it happened, please find out where the line was missing and add that missing line.

After that, the bucket tool will work where you want it!

How to apply a light color deeply

The skin color is darker than usual.

The reason for this is to make it easier to understand the unpainted lines after that.

Also, it's difficult to color white teeth and blouses.

In such a case, let's paint with a dark color at first.


It's white anyway, so I don't have to paint anything!

There will be some people who say so.

However, if you don't paint the color, the background color will appear later or you will not be able to paint the shadow color.

It's a mistake to say that you don't have to do anything just because it's white.

How to Fix Bucket in ibisPaint X

There are parts that cannot be painted with the bucket tool.

In particular, fine lines such as the ends of the hair cannot be colored.


How can I get rid of the unpainted ranges from the bucket?

When painting the color by the Bucket tool, be sure to bring the line art layer on top.

Bucket Tool Settings in ibisPaint X

Then tap one of the "Settings" buttons in this image to open the fill settings window.

First, tap "Reset" to return to the default value.

Bucket Tool Setting Screen in ibisPaint X

How to Use Boundary

If you want the line art layer to be the border, select "Opacity" for the border.

Also, if you want the fill layer or part of the photo to be the border, select "Color" for the border.

In this illustration, I want to use line art as the boundary, so I tap "Opacity".

How to Use Strength

The% of "Strength" is the setting of how much error occurs from the transparency of the starting point as the boundary.

When set to 0%, the transparency that is exactly the same as the starting point is filled.

I think about 20% is just right.

How to Use Reference Layer

Next is the "Reference Layer". 

If you select

  1. Current Layer; The working layer will be read and be filled.
  2. Specific Layer; The layer selected in the layer row below it is read and the current layer is filled.
  3. Canvas; The picture that combines all layers are read and the working layer is filled.

This time, I want to paint the working layer by referring to the line art, so I select "Specific Layer", tap the layer line, and select the line art layer.

You can see that the greater the strength, the more the line art is painted.

If there is a gap with the line art, increase the "Strength" as much as possible. Or you can reduce the gap by increasing "Expansion".


I don't understand what you are saying. Difficult!

If you feel that, there is no problem if you use the bucket in the first "Reset".

Most problems are covered by the first easy setup, so you can use it with confidence.

If you would like to know other basic usages of ibisPaint X,

please read this article.

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