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How to Draw Feet from Any Angle

How to Draw Feet from Any Angle

If I draw legs, I will be bad at them!

I think many people are worried about it.

You don't have many chances to draw legs, so when it comes to drawing, it should be difficult to understand how to draw.


In this article, I will explain how to draw basic feet.

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A basic way to draw feet

A basic way to draw feet

When drawing feet, you can draw a well-balanced foot by thinking with simple figures.

The feet this time are drawn by combining triangles, rectangles, and circles.

Thinking of the ankle as a circle is very convenient when drawing shadows around it.


Also, the ankle is asymmetrical.

The best way is to look at and imitate the actual feet of photos and images.


That way, you can draw more realistic feet!

The line of the side leg is not straight but bent.

The feet of men and women

The feet of men and women

Men's and women's feet are different.

Other than the feet, the physical structures of men and women are also different.

Therefore, let's firmly understand the difference in the structure of the male and female legs.

The top of the man's foot is slightly curved.

Also, if you make a little space under the foot, it will get a more three-dimensional effect.

Drawing more wrinkles and shadows on feet will make them more masculine.

Especially, emphasize the ankle.

On the other hand, women become more feminine by reducing wrinkles and shadows overall.

It is also important to draw without emphasizing the ankle and to make the heel smooth.

Tips on how to draw feet

Tips on how to draw feet
Now, from here, I will teach you various tips on how to draw feet.

First of all, let's draw the shape of the feet.

I found it more difficult to draw front-facing feet than any other ones.

So I'm redrawing them many times to get the balance right.

It may be easier to draw if you divide the front-facing feet into 3 blocks:

  1. heel
  2. instep
  3. fingers

Also, if you draw the toenails, it will look more realistic.

The instep on the side will look a little more realistic if you draw it with a bulge rather than straight.

When the feet lie down, you often cannot see all the toes, so be careful when drawing them.

Also, as with any angle of the feet, the toes are not straight.

They draw a fan-like curve.


I think it's the most difficult to draw toes, so draw them carefully.

Finally, I would like to introduce some tips for drawing the soles of the feet.

The soles of the feet are not symmetrical.

Also, the fingers go inward.

The thumb has a triangular shape, and the other four fingers are round.

Feet of various angles

Feet of various angles

From here, I draw feet from various angles.

The feet have fewer places to move than the hands, and the heels cannot move.

Also, since the range of movement is not wide, you can easily draw feet if you remember the shape as they are.

There is also an article about how to draw hands, which are more complicated to draw than feet, so please check it below.

As a point when you draw the front and back of the feet, the ankles are low on the outside.


Give the outer and inner ankles a slight bulge and tilt them.

When drawing the sole of the feet, make sure that the sole is soft and that you are aware of the ground area.

When drawing sideways feet, be aware of the curve.

Also, when drawing the feet with bent toes, you can draw it neatly if you are aware of the angle.

The feet are parts with little change, but you can draw the dynamic feet by moving the toes to make a change.

Also, by changing the appearance of the toenails, you can make them more realistic.

If you want to show a lot of toes with sideways feet, you can make the feet more dynamic by showing the soles a little.

How to draw various feet

How to draw various feet
If you know the basics of feet, it will be easier to draw various feet.

The best practice is to look at a picture of the actual foot, divide it into blocks, and imitate it.

This time I drew the draft carefully, but it's also good that the draft can be a little rougher.

However, it will be easier to draw in the line art later if you draw in detail at the draft.


If you are confident, you can draw directly without drafting!


I think it's easy to draw because there is little movement in the parts other than the toes.

Also, pay attention to the position of the ankle bulge.

The part I was careful about when drawing feet was fingertips.

You can draw better if you draw fingertips finely and carefully.

On the other hand, it is better not to draw too many wrinkle lines on the feet.

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