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How to Draw Hands Holding Each Other

How to Draw Hands Holding Each Other

This video is a tutorial video for people who want to improve how to draw hands holding each other.

If you look at this article, you will be able to grasp the tips.

Here is a brief summary of the content and illustrations explained in the YouTube video.


It's quite difficult to draw illustrations that hold hands.

Many people think so.

First of all, if you want to know how to draw basic hand poses, please check an article about it because I made it before.

If you know the basic way to draw hands, it will be easier to draw the holding hands too.

Let's take a look at the contents!

If you want to check the contents of this article on YouTube,

please watch this video.

How to draw holding hands each other

How to draw holding hands each other

When drawing such complicated illustrations, first draw rough sketches of the whole.

When trying to draw from the details, it often becomes unbalanced along the way.

Therefore, please draw rough illustrations with an emphasis on balance.

The key points when drawing hands are the hands holding or being held.

Draw the gripped hand first, then cover the gripping hand.

Male and female hands

Men's hands are rugged compared to women's, so draw more muscle lines.

When couples hold hands, there are also differences between male and female hands.

Men's hands are often larger than women's hands, and the holding hands are often male.

On the other hand, women's hands are small and often held.


I drew this illustration using a digital drawing tool.

So, even if the poses of hands become unbalanced, I use a lasso tool to transform the shape and scale it without erasing everything.

If you also use a digital drawing tool, the lasso tool is useful, so please use it for convenience.

Tips for drawing a wrist


I had a hard time balancing these hand poses.

It is a point when drawing the wrist, but there is a bone that sticks out on the wrist.

So when you draw a wrist, don't forget to draw this slightly bulging bone.

The holding one is blue, and the one being held is pink.

Please note that the hands are not color-coded by men and women.

How to draw various holding hands

How to draw various holding hands

Now, from here, I drew various poses of the holding hand while referring to the way of holding the hands explained earlier.

Draw a rough sketch

First of all, I drew a rough sketch.


I drew without worrying about the details, so I think some poses would be difficult to understand.

However, it is most important to consider the overall balance.

So, first, think about whether the hands are too big or too small.

Draw a line art

After drawing the rough sketch, the next step is to draw the details with line art.

If you are a beginner to draw illustrations, I recommend that you make a second draft.

If you are not accustomed to drawing illustrations at first, you may get out of balance at the line art stage.

This time, I practiced poses, so I drew a line art on the second layer.


However, when I draw an illustration seriously, I sometimes make two drafts and draw a line art on the third.

It may seem like a lot of work, but if you don't get used to drawing, the more time and effort you spend, the better your illustrations will be!

Tips for drawing

At first glance, the illustration I drew looks complicated.

However, it's surprisingly easy to draw if you think and draw each hand separately.

In such moving poses, please be aware of the smoothness.

The more curved the pose, the more realistic it becomes.

This time I have explained various holding hands, but there is another article that explains how to draw couples' hands.

If you are interested in it, please check that article too!

For those who want to learn more about moving poses like Japanese anime,

Please refer to this book!


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