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How to Use Lasso Tool in MediBang Paint

How to Use Lasso Tool in MediBang Paint

This article mainly summarizes how to use the lasso tool in MediBang Paint.

You can watch the tutorial video, or you can easily learn about them in this article.


How do I use the lasso tool?

You may be wondering if you are using Medibang Paint.

In this article, I will explain how to use the lasso tool.

If you want to check the contents of this article on YouTube,

please watch this video.

Where is the "lasso tool"?

Lasso tool "Normal" in MediBang Paint

The lasso tool can be selected from the menu bar above as shown in this image.

Perhaps there are differences in menu positions between the iPad version and the PC version.

This is an explanation article for those who use the iPad.

How to use the lasso tool

First, enclose the area that you want to select with a pen.


I recommend the freely transform lasso tool on the far right of the menu.

Also, if you select "Normal" in the lasso tool menu, you can only enclose one.

How to enclose more than one areas


I want to enclose two or more areas with a lasso tool!

In that case, tap "Add" next to "Normal".

How to use "Add" in MediBang Paint

Then you can use the lasso tool to enclose more than one area like this.

Also, if there is a part of the enclosed range that you want to remove from the range, select "Delete".

If you select the range specified by the lasso tool with "Delete" selected, that part will be deleted.

How to use "Delete" in MediBang Paint

As shown in this illustration, you can specify the gaps like the hair as the deletion range.

These are the basic uses of the lasso tool.

What can you do with the lasso tool?

From here, I will introduce additional functions using the lasso tool.

That is the "Transform" function.

"Transform" function in MediBang Paint

"Transform" allows you to move or scale the range specified by the lasso tool.

Setting screen from "Transform" in MediBang Paint

The setting screen is here, and I tried to explain in detail the operation method with the image.

From left to right

  1. tilt left and right
  2. move up and down, left and right
  3. scale

You can move, flip, and scale only the area specified by the lasso tool in this way.


I recommend that you use these lasso tools and transform features during the drafting stage.

If you use these functions at the line art stage, the line art will be misaligned or the lines will be blurred.

With drafts, you can change the illustration without worrying about anything.


I often use the lasso tool to balance the illustrations.

With analog, it's annoying because you have to erase the illustrations with an eraser, but with digital, it's convenient because you can change them in an instant like this.

If the illustration is transformed more than you expected, press "Reset" to restore everything.

If you've been using digital tools on your iPad for a while, your hands will hurt.

For the problem, here's a silicone case sleeve holder for your Apple Pencil.

If you are worried about hand pain, please use it!


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