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How to Copy and Paste on MediBang Paintg

How to Copy and Paste on MediBang Paintg

Hi everyone!


Where can I find a copy and paste of Medibang Paint?


What can copy and paste be used for?

This article is recommended for those who have such questions.

The copy function can copy the entire illustration, but you can also copy a part of the illustration by separating the layers.

The usage of copy and paste introduced this time is to duplicate a part of the layer.

If you want to check the contents of this article on YouTube,

please watch this video.

The layer for copy and paste

First, create the layer you want to copy and paste.

You can use this feature at the line art stage, but I always use the copy /paste and lasso tools at the draft stage.


Lasso tool? What’s that?

If you think so, please check the related article below.


Especially for the front illustration, I think balance is important.

The next step is to explain how to copy and paste.

How to copy and taste

How to copy and taste on MediBang Paint

The copy/paste location is a document-like icon in the menu bar on the left.

This image is an already finished illustration.

Even in this case, if you enclose the place you want to copy with the lasso tool, you can paste only that part.


I drew this illustration on my iPad.

So, I think that the position of the menu is different from the PC version of MediBang Paint Pro.

If you want tutorial articles about the PC version of MediBang Paint Pro, please write it in the comments.

Now, if you paste the copied layer or the range of the lasso tool, it will be created as a new layer.

How to move and flip

Then, with that layer still selected, use "Transform" in the menu bar above.

If you don't know which one is "Transform", please refer to this image.

Transform in MediBang paint

Also, the operation method in "Transform" is explained in this image.

the operation method in "Transform"

If you just want to move the illustration, you can easily move it with Apple Pencil.

In this illustration, the eye is moved and then flipped.

The balance between face and eyes was bad if I just flipped it, so I adjusted it by tilting it to the right little by little.

Copying and pasting the eye of the front illustration in this way will shorten the time to draw the illustration.

By copying and pasting, you can see the balance of the eyes better.

If you've been using digital tools on your iPad for a while, your hands will hurt.

For the problem, here's a silicone case sleeve holder for your Apple Pencil.

If you are worried about hand pain, please use it!


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