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How to Merge Layers in ibisPaint X

How to Merge Layers in ibisPaint X

When I move layers, I want to move all layers at once!

Those who drew the illustration in separate layers will think.

However, many people may not know how to combine layers.

In this article, I will explain how to merge layers.

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How to merge layers

So how do you merge layers?

How to merge layers in ibisPaint X

If you want to check merging layers one by one, select this mark on the right side of the layer menu.


By merging the layers, multiple layers became compact.

If you leave a layer that is merged with drafts, line art, colors, etc., it will also be a layer for saving in case something happens.

The important point

You create too many color layers and try to merge them.

And if any of them use blend mode, when the layers are merged,


It's a different color!



The color has disappeared!

Such problems may occur.

To avoid these, watch carefully for color changes when you merge clipped layers that reflect color.

Add Layer from Canvas

Finally, it is possible to combine all layers without changing the coloration.

Add Layer from Canvas in ibisPaint X

Open the Layer window, and select Add Layer from Canvas from Add Special Layer.


The composed layer was added to the top.

In particular, it is recommended to fully combine the color layers using blend mode.

If you know how to merge layers and Add Layer from Canvas, it will be more efficient to create illustrations!

So, please be sure to know these features.

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