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AI art is scary for humans?

AI art is scary for humans?

The world of art is changing.

For centuries, artists have been the only ones who had access to the tools necessary to produce high-quality image edits and videos.

Today, however, that's no longer the case:

AI technology can now do simple edits—and even create entire pieces of art—all on its own.

While this may seem like a good thing for artists who want an easier way to get their work out there, it also means that humans may soon be obsolete as creators in their own right.

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A recent development in AI

This is a recent development in AI and one that will be refined over time as computers improve their ability to understand art.

However, you can see that it’s still not at the level of human artists, who have been making art for thousands of years.

AI artists are still learning and developing their skills, but they are already producing interesting work that may be worth exploring further!

AI technology could make artists obsolete

In the future, AI technology could make artists obsolete.

That’s because AI can be programmed to create art on its own, without human intervention.

AI algorithms can be used to create

  • music
  • poetry
  • visual art

In fact, there are already many examples of AI-created art that were even displayed at an exhibition in London.

Japanese AI illustration generator is on fire

There is a Japanese AI illustration generation service “mimic”.

When you input a minimum of 15 to a maximum of 100 character illustrations, AI learns the characteristics of the illustrations and generates unique new illustrations similar to the creator's style.

On the other hand, there is also concern that a third party may use the illustrations without permission from the copyright holder, and the generated illustrations of the same design may be used illegally.

Many voices are pointing out this on SNS.

Immediately after the start of the service, the service went up in flames, and the illustrator who cooperated in the promotion was slandered.

Currently, in preparation for resuming the service, they are implementing functions that will give creators peace of mind and trust.

A new AI illustration generation service?!

NovelAI is a service that has recently started to attract attention.

At first, it seems that the system that generates novels by AI was the main one, but it seems that it is attracting attention for generating high-quality anime illustrations.

Japanese people complaining about Japanese mimics can't find any complaints on Twitter, probably because this service is in English.

While some people had high hopes for NovelAI's services, others were worried that they would lose their illustrator jobs.

Why are some people scared of AI?

I think the root cause of the fear of Ai is the problem of too low compensation for illustrators.

In fact, professional Japanese illustrators and cartoonists with proven track records and income have positive opinions about AI.

No matter how good AI's illustrations become, they still look unbalanced and not good at professional or partial illustration generation.

There will be professionals who check such parts, and there will also be people who create new ideas from many illustration materials.

You know illustration production is time-consuming.

The work that has taken so much time to create is now being taken away by AI in an instant.

The more an illustrator is working for low wages, the more fearful he or she may be of AI.

Create AI + eccentric ideas

Perhaps we will find it difficult to stop the evolution of AI.

So, can we use AI technology to create even more advanced things?


I think that is the challenge for us creators.

AI can save time on things that creators used to spend time on.

The time saved can be used to generate new ideas.

Not only do I think negatively about losing my job to AI, but what can I do with that power?

Wouldn't believing in one's own potential be a positive way to interact with AI?

What do you think about it?

I would love to hear both negative and positive opinions!

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