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How to Draw Arms on a Body for Beginners

How to Draw Arms on a Body for Beginners

This video is a tutorial video for people who want to improve how to draw arms.

If you look at this video, you will be able to grasp the tips.

Here is a brief summary of the content and illustrations explained in the YouTube video.


When I draw an arm, I can only draw a straight arm.

I think many people have such troubles.

In this article, I will explain how to draw a more realistic arm without straightening the arm.

If you want to check the contents of this article on YouTube,

please watch this video.

The basic structure of arms

The basic structure of arms

First, think of the arm parts in circles instead of drawing the arm suddenly.

The more muscular the arm, the more rounded the circles are.

It's common for beginners to start drawing in detail without thinking about the whole thing.

As a result, the illustration may be out of balance.

To prevent this from happening, let's start with a rough sketch at the drafting stage.

The best practice when you draw arm and body parts is to think about the structure of the muscles.


At first, I tried to memorize the name of the muscle structure, but I lost motivation...

Perhaps most people find it awkward to think about and remember the structure of muscles, so I recommend that you first take a rough shape like me and then draw the details.


I drew both straight and bent arms.

The point at this time is

  • The wrist
  • Arm joints
  • The bent elbows

are slightly popped out.

Also, pay attention to the balance of the hands.

If you want to know more about how to draw hands, I made the article before, so please refer to that as well.

On the left side, I draw how to draw a girl's arm.

Girl’s arms, unlike boys' arms, look better if they don't overemphasize their muscles.

That doesn't mean that you draw the arm straight.

Draw small circles on the bends of the shoulder and elbow.

Draw an arm to connect to those circles.


I drew slightly curved arrows in red, can you see that they are not straight?

Actually, as a bad example, I also drew a straight arm.

If you can't draw arms well, you may be drawing an illustration like this straightened arm.

In this way, you can make a difference in the illustration just by thinking about the joints in circles.

Male and female arms

Male and female arms

In the following illustration, I will explain the connection between the arms and body of men and women.

The illustration of a man is a pose with his hands raised, and the woman is a pose with her arms folded above her head.

First of all, I will explain the pose of the male arm.

Draw a straight line between the wrists to draw the arms evenly.

This will reduce the chances of drawing a misaligned arm.


I drew the outline of the arm and body parts.

Try to make the elbows and beyond thinner than the upper arms.

Next, I will explain the poses of female arms.

For women, tilting hips to the left or right make for a beautiful pose.

Also, unlike men, avoid drawing too much muscle.

When drawing line art, the male muscles are drawn in more detail.

By adding shadows to the muscles, it looks more three-dimensional.

Also, since the arms are raised, it is one of the tricks to draw the ribs slightly.

If you give the side of the body a little bulge, it will become a more natural muscular male body.

On the other hand, for women, do not draw too much shadow on the muscles.


I struggled with the position where her chests were drawn, but I was able to draw the female body relatively easily because women draw fewer lines than men.

If you draw the collarbone and shoulder lines so that they connect well, you can draw a more natural body of a woman with her arms raised.

How to draw various arms

How to draw various arms

From here, I drew various arm poses.

First of all, I drew a rough outline of the arm and part of the body.

You can use the lasso tool to adjust the size.

Therefore, if the illustration is unbalanced or the illustration itself is drawn too large, it will be adjusted without erasing everything.


Perhaps most digital tools have a lasso tool feature, so give it a try!

At the draft stage, it is NOT necessary to draw in detail, so I think it will be important how quickly you can draw a well-balanced illustration.

Especially when you draw poses, try to balance by looking at the pictures and illustrations of the poses you are referring to.

Now, from here, I will explain the points of the line arts from right to left.

The point of the first illustration is to draw the hand large.

Then, the length of the lower elbow and the upper arm is drawn with a ratio of 3: 1.

If you give a little perspective like this, the reality of the illustration will increase.

The point of the second illustration is to draw the muscles of the back.

Doing so will help balance the back and chest muscles.

Also, if you draw the shadow of the muscles on the side, it will look more three-dimensional.

The point of the third illustration is to draw the elbow so that it looks larger than the shoulder.

Also, if you draw the bulging position of the arm on the left and right so that it is slightly offset, it will look more natural.

As for the hand, it looks more natural if you lift the index finger a little and gradually increase the length from the little finger to the middle finger.

The point of the fourth illustration is the bulge above and below the arm.

Also, one of the points is to draw the connection between the shoulder and the upper arm like a U shape.

Please draw the positions of the fingers in a circular motion and don't forget to draw the folds on the inside of the thumb.

For those who want to learn more about moving poses like Japanese anime,

Please refer to this book!


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