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How to Draw Lips on Autodesk SketchBook App

How to Draw Lips on Autodesk SketchBook App

Have you ever wanted to draw realistic lips with the SketchBook App?


How can I draw lips well?

Many people would have thought so.

Drawing the lips of an anime illustration is very simple, but the lips of a real person can be difficult to blend colors.

Draw an illustration in Autodesk SketchBook App

Here is the completed illustration I drew this time.

I'm not very good at drawing, but if you want to get closer to the level of this illustration, please read this tutorial article.


I tried to summarize the points to draw lips.

If you want to know how to draw a person,

please check the related article.

If you want to check the contents of this article on YouTube,

please watch this video.

Use a Color Picker function

Use the Color Picker function to select the original color of the referenced image.


Where is the Color Picker function?

If you think so, please refer to these images.

Color Picker function in Autodesk SketchBook App

Color Picker function in Autodesk SketchBook App

One thing to keep in mind when you use this function is that the tapped area is not necessarily the color of your choice.

When you use it, it will display the selected color.

It disappears when you release the pen or finger, so hold down and select the color you want.

Decrease the transparency of the original image and apply it according to the color of the lips of the image.

When you paint, make sure you have selected the right layer for the skin.

Occasionally, the layer of the reference image will be painted as it is, so be careful when you select the layer.

Apply a shadow to the lips

Apply a shadow to the outside of the lips and add a shadow to the area between the closed mouths.

Blurring the shadows will make them smoother.

The brush that is convenient at that time is smudge types.

The brushes in the menu on the left are basically all easy to use.

One of them is a smudge pen.

Use the smudge pen to blend the color boundaries.

From here, the process of layering and blending colors is repeated over and over again.

If you repeat it over and over again, you will get a color that you are satisfied with.

Until that happens, let's layer and blend the shadow colors!

Add gradation to the lips

Add a color gradation to make the lips more three-dimensional.

On the shaded area, apply a color that is slightly lighter than that color.

The closer you get to the highlight, the lighter the color, and the more the color gradation is created.

The more layers of this gradation, the more realistic the lips will be.

On the other hand, if you reduce the number of gradation layers, it will look more like an anime.

Also, use a smudge pen to blend in the gradation.

Repeat this process until you are satisfied.

Add highlights to the lips

Finally, add a highlight in the center of the lips.

Be aware that this highlight should be applied a little stronger.

However, instead of applying white, apply a light lip color.

There are vertical wrinkles on the lips, so add highlights vertically as well.

If you think of the shape that you can make when you press the lipstick, it may be easier to add highlights.


Clear lines are fine, but I also blurred the highlights a bit with a smudge pen.

This completes the coloring of the lips.

In addition to lips, there are also tutorial articles on how to apply eyes and skin,

so if you are interested in them, please check the related articles.

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