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How to Draw Chibi Characters on ibisPaint X

How to Draw Chibi Characters on ibisPaint X

Isn't the chibi character that often appears in anime cute?

No matter how violent anime characters are, they will be healed when they come to chibi characters.

Such chibi characters are often used not only in anime but also in profile pictures.


My chibi characters are drawn for profile pictures this time.

Chibi characters are surprisingly easy to draw with ibisPaint X.


I'm not good at drawing them!

If you are so, please take a look at this tutorial article.

If you want to check the contents of this article on YouTube,

please watch this video.

The face and body are circular

Draw a contour using a Circle Ruler.

Circle Ruler in ibisPaint X

The location of the circle ruler is here.

Chibi characters basically have a larger head than their body.

So, draw a circle as big as possible.

Then, the body is drawn using an Elliptical Ruler.

Elliptical Ruler in ibisPaint X

The location of the elliptical ruler is here.

At this time, make sure to draw vertically smaller than the face.

Drawing the face and body first will make it easier to attach limbs later.

Draw exaggerating pose limbs

Chibi characters can exaggerate their poses.

Therefore, if you change poses according to facial expressions, you can convey the emotions more than in normal illustrations.

If you draw legs before arms, it will be easier to draw various poses.

So, after you draw the torso, try drawing the legs first.

When you draw feet, keep the "A" in mind for a good balance.

Also, if you draw legs with O legs, it will look cute.

Chibi characters are small, so they tend to give the impression of small bodies.

So, when you draw limbs, be aware of drawing them longer.

Then, you can suppress the impression of the small body and get closer to a slender and cool impression.

Chibi characters are basically required to be cute.

Therefore, please be aware of the curve when they bend the joint.

Points to draw the contents of the face

The key to contouring faces is not to sharpen the chins too much.

And if you draw the neck, draw it finely and shortly.

Real eyes don't fit the head and body of a chibi character.

Therefore, the trick is to deform the eyes and reduce the amount of drawing as much as possible.

If you make the drawing of the eyes a little simpler, the character will be more impressive.

The lower the eyes, the younger the nose and mouth will look.

You may or may not draw the nose, but try to draw it smaller if you do.

The point is to draw the mouth round.

When you draw a closed mouth, it may be cute to draw a small triangle.

Points to draw line art

If you select a color other than black for the draft, it will be easier to distinguish when you draw line art.

Reduce the transparency of the draft layer to 50% or less.

Then the draft layer will not interfere with the line art layer.

Chibi characters are illustrations that require more character-likeness.

Therefore, if you draw the outline of the face and the lines on the outside of the body thicker, the character will be emphasized.


Drawing line art with ibisPaint X, I use a "Genius Pen".

There is an article that summarizes which brushes are the best to use for drafts and line art,

so please check the related article if you like.

How to draw in a well-balanced manner

When you draw a mini character, it is important to consciously narrow down the amount of information.

It will be impossible for drawing clothes that all the elements are reflected in the chibi character as it is.

So let's reduce the number of elements, combine them, and simplify them.

You can adjust the balance of the illustration by flipping it horizontally.

Flip left and right in ibisPaint X

Here is the place to flip left and right.

Also, if you drew the chibi character directly in front, it is recommended to draw the eyes with a "Mirror Ruler".

Mirror Ruler in ibisPaint X

The location of the Mirror Ruler is here.

Using the Ruler not only helps you draw the eyes in a well-balanced manner but also saves time.

If the eyes get out of balance, you can use the lasso tool to surround them and move or scale them.

If you want to know the lasso tool more in detail,

please check this article.

If you want to move only the eyes, create a layer with only them.

That way, you don't have to involve other line art.

It is recommended to create separate layers when you draw overlapping lines as well as the eyes.

Color with a bucket tool

The simpler the paint, the more you can take advantage of the strengths of the chibi characters.

First, let's paint single color with a bucket tool.

If you want to know the bucket tool more in detail,

please check this article.

It is recommended to hide the line art layer and check if there is any unpainted area.

It is difficult to find the unpainted part if the color is light.

So, try to paint as dark as possible.

If you separate the colors for each part, it will be useful for the detailed coloring later.

Create new layers on top of the color layers divided into each part.

Then clip those new layers.

How to paint chibi characters

For eye and hair highlights, I recommend "Screen" and "Add" in Blending Mode.

Blending Mode in ibisPaint X

The location of Blending Mode is here.

If you use "Screen" or "Add" with the same transparency, it tends to be dark.

Therefore, it is recommended to use it with transparency of about 30 to 50%.

You don't have to paint cheeks, but it will make the chibi character look cuter.

Also, I like to add shadows to the white eyes because adding them will make the eyes look more natural.

If you apply a color close to the color of hair or skin to the line art around eyelashes and eyes, you will get a transparent and soft chibi character.

If you want to add color to your line art, please use Clipping or Alpha Lock.

If you want to know the Clipping and Alpha Lock more in detail,

please check this article.

Designed images and tones

Using image designs and tones on your clothes will impress your chibi characters.

In the case of an image, it will be a new layer as it is, but in the case of a tone, the existing layer itself will be a tone layer.

So, you can either prepare a colored layer or make a new layer a tone layer and then paint it.

Also, it is better to lower the transparency of the tone layer for a beautiful design.

So, let's use it with transparency of about 30 to 50%.

Once you've selected an image or tone with your favorite design, decide on its size and thinness.

For images, use two fingers to reduce or enlarge the size.

If you want to transform the image, tap "Transform" in the left menu bar.

Transform in ibisPaint X

Then select "Mesh Form".

Mesh Form in ibisPaint X

The greater the number of divisions, the more detailed the design can be transformed.

So, let's transform the design according to the unevenness of the clothes.

For tones, adjust the transparency.

This completes the profile chibi characters!


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