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Halloween in Japan: 5 Facts You Probably Didn't Know!

Halloween in Japan

Yes, you read that right.

Even in a country as reserved and respectful to traditions as Japan, this spooky holiday has found its way into the hearts of its natives.

In fact, it’s so popular that people spend days making costumes and rehearsing dance moves in preparation for the big day.

And while we’re all well versed on the spooky traditions of Halloween, there are some things you might not know about how it is celebrated in Japan.

So continue reading to discover more about Japan’s take on Halloween and get ready to surprise your friends with these crazy facts!

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Halloween in Japan

First off, it’s important to note that Halloween is not a “national holiday” in Japan.

However, it is an extremely popular event that is celebrated by millions of people across the country.

In Tokyo, people go all out for Halloween, and the entire city is decorated with spooky decorations.

Kumamoto even has a special "Halloween" train decorated with pumpkins and so on.

Also, during the Halloween season, bento boxes with special Halloween characters are popular.

As you can see, Japan celebrates Halloween in a slightly different way than other countries.

People in Tokyo Go All Out for Halloween!

As stated above, Tokyo's enthusiasm for Halloween is so great that a lot of people celebrate it for days before the actual Halloween.

Lots of people dress up in costumes and roam the streets.

You can even go to a Halloween festival and see cosplayers dressed up in their finest costumes.

Tokyo’s Halloween festivities make it one of the best places in the world to celebrate this spooky holiday!

And if you’re worried about missing out on Halloween festivities because you’re far away from Tokyo, don’t worry!

The rest of Japan also has Halloween events, and even if you don’t see any advertisements, you can still have a great time celebrating Halloween in Japan.

Own Version of Scary Movies: Tokusatsu!

Tokusatsu is a type of special effects-based film that is very popular in Japan.

While Tokusatsu has its roots in American films, it has become its own genre in Japan.

In addition to movies, Tokusatsu is used for television shows and even live shows that put the audience members in danger.

Tokusatsu is a great way to celebrate Halloween because you can dress up as your favorite Tokusatsu character.

You can even make your own costume with the help of YouTube tutorials!

Special Edition Kit Kats During Halloween

If you love to snack while you celebrate Halloween, you’re in luck!

During the month of October, Nestlé Japan releases special edition Halloween-flavored Kit Kats.

A limited package will appear again this year with the theme of a Halloween party that can be enjoyed by families.

It is a package where you can enjoy cute characters and wordplay with motifs such as art, music, and appetite in connection with autumn.

Also, if you tap the ghosts playing hide-and-seek to find all of them, 30 people will win 2 bags of Halloween "KitKat" by lottery.

Halloween costumes in Japan

Speaking of Halloween in Japan, the Halloween event in Shibuya, Tokyo is often famous.

On Halloween day, many people gather and you can see Japanese people wearing various Halloween costumes.

Halloween costumes in Japan are more like cosplay.

Some people do full-scale Halloween cosplay, so foreigners living in Japan are very interested in the event.

On the other hand, some people go too far during Halloween in Shibuya.

It is often featured in the Japanese news, and every year around Halloween, there are voices of concern.

Also, at this time of year, Shibuya is littered with garbage and becomes dirty.

After Halloween, volunteers pick up trash and clean it up, but many Japanese people have a negative image of it being noisy and dirty.


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